Our Story

Locals is proud to be farmer owned and family operated farm! We are a small family however we all share a passion for the food industry. 

At our core we are a family even as we add on more people to help serve our customers we are a family with one core passion to provide real food to the masses. In an ideal agricultural system, there should be quality produce that is affordable, sustainable, safe, socially conscience, and customer focused.  At Locals, this is our standard.  We are positioned to be a farm of the future by allowing for a more food secure system.  

We are a family run veganic vertical precision technology farm based in Northeast Washington, DC, however, we have place on ending food security nationwide.We have three pillars — cultivation, customer, and community.   In every action, we keep these pillars in mind and practice.

As a company started and operated by a farmer we pride our selves on our produce and making sure that every customer gets quality produce and understand the love and care that went into growing there harvest box. With Locals technology and passion for farming with integrity, we can make a more sustainable and food secure food system. We know we’ll need more food, we know what we can do to deliver it, and we need to get started now.


Customer Focus 

We offer the safest and best quality produce because you shouldn't settle for anything less. 

Innovation Focus 

We are always improving and testing to ensure that we are doing what we do better.  


Community Focus

We want our company to be more then just about dollar and cents we want to make positive change and progress in the world. 



Our Master New Age Farmer & Owner 

I’m a DC native who grew up in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. My passion for farming was ignited while gaining hands-on greenhouse experience at McKinley Technology (STEM) High School in the Eckington area. During my time at McKinley I was able to foster my love for STEM and cultivation 

For many years before high school,I spent significant time backyard gardening with my grandmother in the Anacostia area. She grew everything from onions to grapes in her backyard. 


 I later experienced difficultly sourcing fresh produce in my immediate area when attending Syracuse University in New York State. Due to my time with my grandmother who lived in food insecure neighborhood I started to garden.  I fine-tuned my farming and agriculture skills, and built my own aquaponics system in the basement of a rental multi-family home. This experience taught me first hand about food deserts and the difficulties getting fresh produce at affordable prices. 


With foodborne outbreaks in mind and firsthand experience with a foodborne illness, I radically changed my food habits and became hyper-focused on top quality safe produce even in its raw state. 


After years of research and developing more reliable and safe farming techniques, I was given offers to start Locals in Syracuse, New York, but instead wanted to help the community from which I came. 


Locals was formed as a company with the people it serves in mind, to grow fresh organic produce that will make people well, and be attainable to the masses instead of a select few.  


It is both a mission and a way of life. 



Our Farmer Mother & Marketing / Events Manager 


A foodie with a passion for venturing into other cultures through food. I can be found often cooking using my taste as the recipe guide and my unit of measurement often a hand full of this or close handful of that. After spending over two decades cooking meals love by many I decided to start designing our recipes that is sure to excite your taste buds.  Food is a passion of mines and I'm happy to something that comes so naturally to me. When I'm not handling marketing or designing recipes I can be found cooking meals and posting them to my Instagram @ThreeBurnersBurning.