Our Farm

Grow Smart & Happiness Grows  

By combing nature and technology. Locals delivers healthy, fresh, and chemical-free produce to our customers. Locals is committed to producing products that meet the highest standards of food quality and safety. We use third party guidelines and our own strict internal growing methodology to ensure that you get the freshest, tastiest, and safest produce on the market.
With our farm located near our customers, our supply chain is truly local, and the reduction in travel time also prevents contamination. Our farm is an integrated, diversified food production system that models the natural ecosystem. By growing produce in a vertical farm, we maximize productivity and prevent food shortages in an environmentally sound way. From our popular microgreens to our newly added cherry tomatoes no detail has been overlooked to ensure that you get the best, because you should not settle for anything less.

What is Veganic Farming?

Growing Plants With Plants 


Veganic farming is a plant-based farming method that uses plants to grow plants. Organic farming removes the dangers of most contamination issues, veganic farming eliminates the crops exposure to animal fertilizers as well. 


Most farm animals are exposed to pesticides and other chemical and routinely given antibiotics and other drugs either directly or via their feed. These residue of these chemical can show up in their manure. This manure is used in non-organic and organic farms however since Locals is veganic we only used plants to grow plants thus we keep away additional pathogens and contaminants away from our crops. We also take it a step further an don't use any pesticides even organic approved pesticide on our farm. 


In essence, veganic is a logical step beyond organic for those who seek safe food grown in a sustainable manner. 

Hyper Quality Control In Every Step


Seed Selection

Locals uses non-GMO organic seeds. They are bred by an American breeder with over 30 years of plant genetics experience. Seeds are 100% certified organic and bred to perform best in organic conditions, are naturally robust with vigorous genetics, and resistant to disease. All plants and seeds are tested regularly for disease and GMO contamination.


Soil & Nutrients

We grow using our in-house made vegan soil, using only Omri certified for organic use plant-based compost and nutrients. Any plants requiring additional nutrients  are given an in-house based vegan compost tea made from Omri certified for organic use plant-based water soluble ingredients.


We utilize an 11 stage reverse osmosis filtration system. This system removes salmonella, fungi , mold, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, pyrogens, giardia, lead, E.coli, chromium, cadmium, heavy metals, rust,  sand, dust, chlorine, fluoride, hydrocarbons, sulfate, phosphate, arsenic, cyanide, turbidity, hardness, TDS, and much more. This allows for our products to be free from microorganisms often present in urban water systems, and gives us water that is more pure than most bottled water.

Food Safe Materials Only

Our produce is grown on NSF approved racks. These racks were vigorously tested at the manufacturing level to ensure they protect food quality and safety. Our in-house developed systems utilize materials that are food safe, chemical free, and BPA free. We source from US-based companies that follow high-quality controls and 3rd party verification.


When growing produce we only use energy efficient LED lighting. These lights simulate natural sunlight so that even in our indoor environment, we can best simulate the outside world, without the many risks associated with growing outdoors.

Master New Age Farmers

Our produce is grown for anywhere from 1 to 4 months, and only by our master new age farmers.  We have an in-house training program that focuses on our growers learning about veganic cultivation methods, symbiotic growing methods, food safety, raw food HACCP practices, and growing food for taste. While in the future we plan on adding more master farmers our current master farmer is our founder. She oversees your produce from the moment a seed is delivered to the moment it arrives at your door.


Our growers go through a training process prior to growing, touching, or packaging your produce. We believe in itamae training methodology. Our master new age farmers in training spend a period of time learning and understanding, crafting their skills and knowledge of farming and the food industry, and the Locals Experience and quality standards. Our master new age farmers are truly an essential part of how we are able to be Locals, and we really value the trust you place in us in growing your produce. We defer new growers from growing produce meant for the public until they have a firm grasp on the importance the farmer's role in our complex food system.


Processing & Delivery

Our produce is processed by loving hands that were trained in HACCP, food handling, Locals quality standards and the Locals Experience. Our produce is packaged the same day it is harvested.  From the moment it is harvested until it arrives at your location we practice a cold storage method to preserve shelf life. Our produce is hand packaged and hand delivered by a Locals team member.   We never use a third party or someone not affiliated or trained by our team.  We operate this way because of our attention to detail, product quality, and the overall Locals Experience. We desire to have the clearest farm to fork connection and total control.

 Our food produce can no longer be confined to rural America. Our agriculture system is due for sustainable innovation. We need to grow food in a way that will be not only productive, safe, and sustainable for our lifetime, but also for future generations.